3_SbS_Unit 1_Present Simple vs Present Continuous

Complete the sentences using the same verb as in the example below. Short or long forms are acceptable.


Sentence starters: I usually eat ice-cream,
Sentence completer:.....but today I'm eating cake.

1. I usually take the bus, but today a car.

2. He usually plants flowers, but today trees.

3. We usually bake cookies, but today bread.

4. They usually complain about the weather, but today the children.

5. They usually drink milk, but today coffee.

6. He usually goes home at five, but today at seven.

7. She usually has eggs for breakfast, but today sandwiches.

8. He usually worries about money, but today about his parents.

9. He usually argues with his neighbour, but today with his wife.

10. I usually read a newspaper, but today a book.

11. They usually order coffee, but today tea.

12. She usually plays basketball, but today volleyball.

13. We usually recommend the pie, but today ice-cream.

14. He usually drives a car, but today a lorry.

15. They usually talk slowly, but today very fast.

16. She usually dances with Larry, but today with John.


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