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Mikołaj Hababicki

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1. Gold experience Student’s book
2. Gold experience Work book
3. Materials from the Internet

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Mikołaj is very positive teenager, always in a good mood. He is quite active at the lessons and good at understanding and learning vocabulary. Mikołaj should read and listen to English more.

Wynik testu: 76%

Data: 23.05.2022

Zrealizowany materiał


1. Past Simple (regular)

2. Past Simple (irregular)

3. Comparative degree of adjectives

4. Superlative degree of adjectives

5. Going to

6. Present Perfect

7. Future Simple

8. Much/ many/ a lot of


1. Jobs

2. Clothes

3. Illnesses

4. Films

5. Apartment

6. Emotions

7. Landscapes

Funkcje językowe

1. Reading

2. Listening comprehension 

3. Speaking

4. Writing

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