Adjective or adverb?

Look at the information in the brackets and put in the adverbs. Be careful with the spelling. 

EXAMPLE (Emma's toothache was terrible.) Emma's tooth ached terribly.

1. (Henry was angry.) Henry shouted at the waiter.

2. (I'm happy sitting here.) I can sit here for hours.

3. (The switch is automatic.) The machine switched itself off .

4. (The debate should be public.) We need to debate the matter .

5. (Everyone was enthusiastic.) Everyone discussed the idea .

6. (We should be reasonable.) Can't we discuss the problem ?

7. (The building has to be secure.) Did you lock all the doors ?

8. This is a part of story about a spy called X. Put it adverbs formed from these adjectives: 

bright, careful, fluent, immediate, patient, punctual, quiet, safe, secret, slow


The journey took a long time because the train traveled so . It was hot, and the sun shone from a clear sky. X could only wait for the journey to end. When the train finally arrived, he had no time to spare, so he took a taxi to the hotel. Y was on time. She arrived at three. No one else knew about the meeting - it was important to meet .

'I had a terrible journey', said Y. 'But luckily the pilot managed to land .'

Her English was good, and she spoke very . X was listening to every word. They were speaking very in case the room was bugged.


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