Advanced comparative forms_2

Choose the correct words.

1. My exam results were … as good as Carmen's.
2. When Lucy gets dressed up she looks … a movie star.
3. It wasn't as exciting … as his earlier ones.
4. Are you feeling ok? You're as … a sheet!
5. My new house is nothing … big as my previous place.
6. Smartphones seem to be getting … .
7. It's an unusual color, … than pink.
8. When he was younger, my uncle worked … a porter in the local hospital.
9. It wasn't … a surprising piece of news as we'd expected.
10. The higher you climb, … you have to fall.
11. When George tried to sing, it was … a cat screeching!
12. This sweater isn't as … a color as I'd wanted - can I exchange it?
13. The furnishings in the hotel room are comfortable rather … luxurious.
14. Carly is … near as tolerant as her younger sister.
15. It wasn't as … a victory as everyone had hoped.
16. As we approached the city, the roads became more … more crowded.
17. The further out you swim, … the water gets.
18. Is it ok to use my date of birth … my PIN number?
19. I'm not as dedicated a fan of the band … I was when I was younger.
20. My bed is really comfortable, I slept … a log last night!


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