Comparative adjectives (B1) – ćwiczenie 1

Complete the sentences with the comparative form of the adjectives in the brackets.

1. Life is now because of busier lifestyles. (STRESSFUL)

2. Life in big cities is than life in the country. (FAST)

3. Our society is not today. (HEALTHY)

4. My diet is than yours. I eat a lot of vegetables. (GOOD)

5. Millennials are in global issues than previous generations. (INTERESTED)

6. Pollution is in cities where there is more traffic. (BAD)

7. People sit at desk all day so they are than before pandemic. (ACTIVE)

8. Food in fast food restaurants is than food prepared at home. (FATTENING)

9. Millennials want to pay a price for products which are good for the environment. (HIGH)

10. Millennials exercise than other generations. (REGULARLY)


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