Few, a few, little, a little

Few, a few, little, a little

Complete the sentences with the correct expression - few, a few, little or a little.



1. I have close friends. I'm so lonely.

2. Sorry, I can't pay for your ticket, I've got money.

3. I didn't enjoy the party. There were people that I knew.

4. Tom didn't drink all the coke. There's left.

5. Jane gave us apples from her garden. Let's share.

6. May I have more coffee, please?

7. Let's meet when we have time.

8. I have very time, so I can't help you.

9. Jack feels that his life is boring. He's had adventures.

10. I need to talk to you. Do you have minutes?

11. There are people she really trusts. That's a bit sad.

12. He has education. He can't read or write.

13. I can do nearly all this work myself; I need help.

14. She has self-confidence. She has a lot of trouble talking to strangers.

15. Almost nobody wants to visit this country, so very people go there.


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