Past simple or present perfect (B1) – ćwiczenie 1


Complete the dialogues with the correct form of the verb: present perfect or past simple.


1. A: you (ever / go) to an auction?
B: Yes, I . I (go) to one about two years ago.
A: you (buy) anything?
B: Yes, I (buy) a necklace.
A: How much you (pay) for it?
B: A fortune! But I (wear) it a lot. I love it.

2. A: you (ever / hear) the group Muse?
B: No, I . What kind of music do they play?
A: Rock music. I (see) them in concert last month.
B: (be) it a good concert?
A: Yes, I really (like) it.

3. A: How long (you/be) married, Glenn?
B: Twenty-two years! Maxine and I (have) our wedding anniversary three weeks ago.
A: Where (you/meet)? At university?
B: No, it (be) long before that. Actually, we (go) to the same school. We (know) each other for a long time. What about you?
A: I'm divorced. I (get) divorced a year ago.
B: How long (you/be) married?
A: Just a couple of years.
B: So, you're on your own now?
A: Yes, but I (just/meet) someone new and I really like her.

4. A: (you/teach) English abroad before, Ms Jenkins?
B: Yes, I (teach) from 2009-2011 in Bolivia, and I (just/come) back from a four-month job in Columbia.
A: How long (you/be) a language teacher?
B: Exactly six years. Before that I (be) a primary school teacher.
A: Do you have any post-graduate qualifications?
B: I (start) an MA in Linguistics with the Open University last year, but I (not finished) it yet.


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