Past Simple Side by side 2

Fill in the text with verbs in the past simple tense.

Yesterday Sherman and Dorothy Johnson's thirty-fifth wedding anniversary. They to the Continental Restaurant for dinner. This restaurant's a very special place for Sherman and Dorothy because they there on their first date thirty-six years ago.


Sherman and Dorothy at a quiet romantic table in the corner. They looked at the menu, and then they  dinner. For an appetizer, Dorothy  a bowl of vegetable soup, and Sherman  a glass of orange juice. For the main course, Dorothy baked chicken with rice, and Sherman broiled fish with potatoes. For dessert, Dorothy a piece of apple pie, and Sherman a bowl of strawberries.


Sherman and Dorothy their dinner very much. The soup delicious, and the orange juice fresh. The chicken wonderful, and the rice tasty. The fish fantastic, and the potatoes  excellent. The apple pie magnificent, and the strawberries out of this world.


Sherman and Dorothy a wonderful evening at the Continental Restaurant. It a very special anniversary.


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