Present Simple (A1)- Negative sentences- Ćwiczenie 1

Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets

1. I my teeth in the evening (NOT BRUSH).

2. My mum German (NOT SPEAK).

3. They football in the morning. (NOT PLAY)

4. My best friend  in the ocean. (NOT SWIM)

5. A cat carrots. (NOT EAT)

6. My mum and I to the supermarket at the weekends. (NOT GO)

7. This computer . (NOT WORK)

8. Harry and Hermione singing. (NOT LIKE)

9. He all the answers. (NOT KNOW)

10. She in the choir. (NOT SING)

11. His parents a bike. (NOT RIDE)

12. Fish . (NOT WALK)

13. Bobby mountains in winter. (NOT CLIMB)

14. This coffee good (NOT TASTE)

15. My dad (NOT COOK)


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