Present Simple or Present Continuous (A2) – ćwiczenie 2


Complete the sentences with the Present Simple (I do) or the Present Continuous (I am doing).


1. She usually (work) in the Sales Department in London, but at the moment she (do) a training course in Bristol.

2. Linda (wash) her hair every day.

3. He (try) very hard in every game that he (play).

4. Excuse me. I think that you (sit) in my seat.

5. (you/listen) to the radio very often?

6. Don't talk to me now. I (write) an important email.

7. Why (they/drive) on the left in Britain?

8. It (not/get) dark at this time of year until about 10 o'clock.

9. It usually (rain) here a lot, but it (not/rain) now.

10. A: What are you doing?
B: I (bake). Why (you/smile)? (I/do) something wrong?


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