Vocabulary building 3

1. In 1066 King Harold was defeated in the battle of Hastings and England was by the Norm

2. Long distance races are won by the runners with the greatest  .

3. The dog seems fierce but it is . It has never bitten anybody

4. Your hand writing is illegible. It is difficult to read and very often I find it really impossible to .

5. John is a person unable to face danger, pain or hardship because he Jacks courage. How shameful! He is just a .

6. It is your duty to do the flat. You are to your mother for keeping the house tidy.

7. He shows great skill in performing music. I especially love his style of playing the piano.

8. On a hot summer day mosquitoes are troublesome. They sting lots of people especially in damp areas. These insects are a .

9. He refused a job in a steel industry in of a university appointment.

10. If you an orphan it becomes your relation for ever and you take on the full responsibility in law of the parent.


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