Vocabulary building 4

1. John has a large of friends. He always has someone to talk to and to count on.

2. You’ve always been a careless driver. Are you of the consequences? You may be sent to prison for dangerous driving.

3. Brighton has always been a summer resort. Every year it is visited by thousands of people, especially of the upper class.

4. The piece of glass across the front of a car is called a .

5. At a very early age I was always of being left alone in the house. I couldn’t move or speak for fear.

6. Many people say too much is shown on television. For instance criminals use bodily force on their victims and they are imitated by lots of young boys.

7. You have only a knowledge of mathematics. You have never studied it thoroughly.

8. From the to the grave, i.e. all through life, man is the most unfortunate of all creatures.

9. Of all the ways of cooking an egg, I like boiling best.

10. Don’t beat about the bush! Go into . Give us all the detail.


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