Vocabulary building 9

1. is the mother of invention. All great inventions have been made to meet certain great needs.

2. I know he was seriously ill when he started to up blod. It was characteristic syptom of tuberculosis.

3. Pele was a at football. He had almost megical abilities to play this game.

4. This dress is of excellent quality. Don’t you think it is a real being sold at such a low price.

5. At first the President considered all the plans put forward by his advisers, but he chose his own. They decision lay with him.

6. The of events on the night of teh murder still isn’t known. The police find it difficult to establish the order of the facts.

7. It’s a pity you didn’t in the outing. You are aleays hasitant about making decisionsand then you miss such excellent opportinuities. It’s going to be pleasure trip and all the other pupils will take part in it.

8. Critics wonder whether Macbeth was a character or he really existed.

9. Tom needs a new coat. His old one is in bad condition. As it is much worn he looks in it.

10. Susan lost control of her feeings again and began to . She often sheds tears.


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