Vocabulary building 1

Fill out the sentences with the missing words.

1. Fishing in this river is forbidden. Anyone who doesn’t observe the regulation will have to pay a .

2. His proposal that I should write an article on the problem of disarmament lies outside the of my activities. Although I’m a journalist it is sports and not politics that I’m an expert in.

3. Susan has a good of spoken German but she can hardly write anything in this language.

4. As regards vocabulary-test –writing competition, Eve is ahead of all the others. She is in the .

5. If a referee doesn’t give equal attention to all the contestants concerned, it means he is and shouldn’t be in charge of any sports competitions.

6. My grandmothers’ life was devoted to work. No matter whether it was necessary or not she would always get up at five in the morning and bustle about the house till late at night.

7. Juliet knew her father would never of her marriage to Romeo. That is why she wedded him in secret.

8. Anne found it tiresome to live in the attic. Not only was she troubled by mice but she also had many other problems to cope with. For example, the roof leaked and water often down.

9. What chemicals   together to form water? They are hydrogen and oxygen.

10. Poland is not in a position to keep up with highly developed countries. Our technology behind and the living standard is comparatively low.


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