Articles (a/an/the/no article) (B1) – ćwiczenie 1


Complete the sentences by putting in a, an or the. Type in a hyphen (-) if nothing is required. (Note that the following words in this exercise are uncountable nouns: music, fuel, education, fish, food, coffee, exercise

1. She read letters that had arrived that morning.

2. It was a nice day, so we had in garden of my house.

3. I'm just going to shops. I'll be back in a few minutes.

4. We phoned for taxi to take us to airport.

5. I like listening to music when I come home.

6. Without fuel, cars don't work.

7. John was at home. He was reading magazine in living room.

8. His parents believe that education is a very important thing.

9. Jane doesn't like fish; she never eats it.

10. After dinner, I washed plates and glasses.

11. Did you like food at party yesterday?

12. A: Where's coffee?
B: It's in cupboard next to sink.

13. Doctors say that exercise is good for everybody.


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