Personal pronouns (A1)-ćwiczenie 1​-wyjaśnienie

The pronoun is a word that take the place of a noun.

  • In the sentence, “John likes chocolate”, the noun John can be replaced by a pronoun he.
  • In the sentence, “Mary and Tom go for a walk”, the nouns Mary and Tom can be replaced by a pronoun they.

Personal pronouns name people, things, places, and ideas. I, you, me, us, it, they are personal pronouns.

First person pronouns talk about the person who is speaking. Singular (liczba pojedyncza) first person pronouns are I, me, my and mine. Plural (liczba mnoga) first person pronouns are we, our, ours, and us

Example.  We walk in our garden. I like my dress. 

Second person pronouns talk about the person who you are speaking to. Second person pronouns are you, your, and yours

Example. This book is yours. Can you give me your book?

Third person pronouns are used for people you speak about. Singular (liczba pojedyncza) third person pronouns are he, his, him, she, her, hers, it and its.  Plural (liczba mnoga) third person pronouns are they, their, theirs, and them

Example. This garden is theirs. She and he like to walk in their garden. 

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