Complete the emails. Use ONE word in each gap.

1. Hi Kate,

you done your English homework? I understood the first questions, I'm having a few problems the second question. you have done yours already, maybe you could explain it to . I'm free after school tomorrow - what you?

from John

2. Hi Tom,
You asked me I do every day. Well, I get up early my first class is 7 a.m. I drive to the university.  I'm not in class,
I usually go to the library to study, and I meet friends lunch. In the evenings, are concerts and parties. I go to some of with
my friends, I also study a lot.

3. Hi Anne,
I going cycling with my brother next Sunday. Would you like come? Don't worry if you don't have a good bike – we've got one you can borrow. We'll have a picnic later, so we won"t need to eat in a café. Let . know if you want to come.

4. Hi Chuck,
How are you? Is your new life Canada going well? Do like your new school? Have you made new friends?  you think you might
come back for a visit soon?


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