Present perfect simple or present perfect continuous (B1) – ćwiczenie 1


Write a sentence for each of the following situations, using the Present Perfect Continuous and for or since


e.g. She started her course a month ago and she is still doing it.
=> She has been / She's been doing her course for a month.

1. It started raining at three o'clock and it is still raining.

2. He started playing chess when he was ten and he still plays it.

3. I started work at eight o'clock and I'm still working.

4. Helen started looking for another job two months ago and she's still looking.

5. We arrived here two hours ago and we're still waiting.


Put the verbs in brackets ( ) into the gaps in the right form. Use the Present Perfect Simple or the Present Perfect Continuous and for or since

e.g. Emily: Where are you and your family going to live?
Tim: Well, we've been talking about that for weeks, but we haven't decided anything yet.

1. Tara: Excuse me. (you/stand) in this queue for a long time?
Luke: Yes, (I/queue) for almost an hour.
2. Sofie: Why are you crying?
Jack: Because my brother (have) an accident. He (break) both his legs.
3. Susan: Excuse me. someone (leave) this bag here?
Wally: I don't know. I (sit) here all afternoon, but I (not/notice) it until now.


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