Redagowanie zdań (A2)- Ćwiczenie 2

Redagowanie zdań

Przeczytaj poniższy fragment o szkole w Japonii. W tekście brakuje dwudziestu słów. Wstaw brakujące słowa do każdej linijki tekstu.
Wskazówka: w każdym zdaniu brakuje przynajmniej jednego słowa.


How would like to go to school on Saturdays? (1.) If you lived in the of Japan, that’s just where you’d be each Saturday morning. (2.) I have a who lives in Japan. (3.) Yuichi explained that attend classes five and one-half a week. The day is on Saturday. (4.) I was also surprised to that the Japanese school is one of the longest in the world–over 240 days. (5.) It begins in the of April. While we have over two months off each, students in Japan get their in late July and August. (6.) School then again in fall and ends in March. (7.) The people of believe that a good is very important. (8.) Children are required to attend school from the age of six to the of fifteen. (9.) They have elementary and middle just like we do. (10.) Then most go on to school for another three years. (11.) Yuichi says that students work very because the standards are so high. (12.) He and some of his friends even extra classes after school. (13.) They all want to get into a good someday.



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