Budowanie zdań (A2)- Ćwiczenie 2

Budowanie zdań

Read each group of sentences. Take the important details from the related sentences and add them to the main sentence to make one sentence.
1. My brothers built a tree house. They built it in the old  tree. It’s in our backyard.

2. Jim made a ladder for the tree house. He made it out of rope. It is long.

3. Kyle bought paint. The paint was brown. He bought one can.

4. Kyle and Jim finished painting. They painted the walls. It took an hour.

5. Jim painted a sign. He painted “No  entrance” The sign is on the tree house door.

6. A squirrel jumped into their tree house. It jumped from a branch. It was interested.

7. The visitor surprised my brothers. It was unexpected. My brothers were older.

8. The squirrel jumped out of the tree house. It was quick. It was in a big hurry.


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