Budowanie zdań (A2)-Ćwiczenie 1

Budowanie zdań (A2)-Ćwiczenie 1

Read each group of sentences. Take the important details from the related sentences and add them to the main sentence to make one sentence.
1. My new house is big. It is a terraced house.It’s got a balcony.The balcony is small.It’s got six rooms.

2. I live in a block of flats. The block of flats is in the city centre.My flat is small.It is nicely decorated.

3. My friend’s house is far from the city centre. It’s next to a big shopping centre. It’s a new house.

4. There is a bed in my bedroom. There is a tiny desk.There is a wardrobe. I keep clothes there. I also keep my sports equipment there.

5. I’ve just moved to a new house. It is in the suburbs. They are quiet and green. Everything we need is nearby.

6. I live in a house. There is a large park next to it. It has a small playground for children. It also has a big field.

7. I like my neighbourhood. It is very safe. There is no crime. All of my neighbours take care of each other.

8. Green spaces can bring the countryside into city centres . They really make people’s lives better.

9. Last year I moved to Venice. It is a unique city.There are lots of places for sightseeing.

10. I live in Westmister. It is an area in central London. I live in a flat.


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