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Pytanie 1

Complete the gaps with the right male or female family words, e.g. mother - father. One word has the same form for both genders.

1. - son

2. wife -

3. - uncle

4. niece -

5. grandmother -

6. - cousin

7. mother-in-law -

8. - son-in-law

9. ex-wife -


Pytanie 2

Complete the blog post with the right words from the box. Some of the nouns must be used in the plural form.

half-brother | half-sister | child | mother | stepbrother | stepmother | stepdaughter | twin | stepfather | widower

It's complicated!

This is my family. Are you sure you really want to know who all these people are? OK, here we go. My mum died when I was three day old. My dad was a for seven years. Then he met Katherine. She was a single at the time, bringing up her son Terry alone. Terry was an only like me, no brothers or sisters. So Das and Katherine got married and she became my - but not an evil one like in fairytales. And I'm her , Terry is my and my dad is his . OK, got that? Well done. Now when Terry and I were both nine, our little Lily was born. Three years later came Sam and Ben, our two , who are identical . As grandma says, the more the merrier!


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