Past simple questions (A1) – ćwiczenie 1

Make questions using the correct form of Past Simple. There are answers to each question to help you with the right irregular verb.

1. When the party? 

  • I left the party at midnight.

2. a good film last night? 

  • No, I saw a bad film last night.

3. What time yesterday? 

  • I went home at 6:00 yesterday.

4. Where lunch at the weekend?

  • I had lunch at home.

5. late at the party on Saturday?

  • No, I didn't. I got early.

6. When your keys?

  • I lost them two days ago.

7. your homework last week?

  • No, I didn't (do my homework).

8. Where with your friends last weekend?

  • I met with them at the restaurant.

9. tired last night?

  • Yes, I did. I felt very tired.

10. Why Polish during the lesson?

  • I spoke Polish because I didn't remember the words.


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