Comparative adjectives – not as….as (B1) – ćwiczenie 2

Rewrite the sentences using the words in brackets so that they mean the same.

1. Scuba diving is not as dangerous as bungee jumping.

Bungee jumping is than scuba diving. (DANGEROUS)

2. Traffic is worse now than in the past.

Traffic in the past wasn't as it is now. (BAD)

3. Today in the conference room there are fewer people than yesterday.

There aren't as people in the conference room today as there were yesterday. (MANY)

4. My grandfather couldn't swim as well as my father.

My father could swim than my grandfather. (GOOD)

5. Our customer service is generally better than other customer services.

Other customer service are generally as ours. (GOOD)

6. Health is more important than work.

Work is as health. (IMPORTANT)

7. Driving a car is worse for the evironment than riding a bike.

Riding a bike is for the environment as driving a car. (BAD)

8. Working with other people isn't as boring as working alone.

Working with other people is than working alone (BORING)

9. There are fewer people buying houses today than in previous generations.

There aren't people buying houses now. (MANY)

10. Life in the country is not as stressful as life in the city.

Life in the city is than life in the country. (STRESSFUL)


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