Zadanie 1.

Uzupełnij poniższe zdania. Wykorzystaj w odpowiedniej formie wyrazy podane w nawiasach.

Nie należy zmieniać kolejności podanych wyrazów, trzeba natomiast – jeśli jest to konieczne – dodać inne wyrazy,
tak aby otrzymać zdania logiczne i gramatycznie poprawne.
Wymagana jest pełna poprawność ortograficzna wpisywanych fragmentów.
Uwaga! W każdą lukę możesz wpisać maksymalnie cztery wyrazy, wliczając w to wyrazy już podane.

1. She is a good student. She is (interest / in / learn) _____________ new things.


2. Bob, (be / you / old) _________________________________________ than your sister?

3. What (she / look / for) ________________________________________________ now? Has she lost her phone again?

4. Oops, I have to go back home. I’ve taken a pair of my (father / shoe) _____________________ by mistake. He will be angry.

5. I am (fly) ________________ to London next week. I have already booked a ticket.

6. (I/like) __________________ to see my old friend Kate.

7. Mrs Black is (good) ___________________teacher in this school.

8. Look! I got (one) ___________________ place in the competition!

9. She (never/be) _____________________ in this place so she doesn’t know how to behave.

10. Kate and Tom (go/have) ___________ a barbecue tomorrow evening. Will you come?

11. If it (be/sunny) ____________ the weekend, we will go to the forest.

12. They will (stop/have) ___________________ a drink in a cafe.

13. Yesterday at nine, we (watch/film) _______________ on TV.

14. While he (eat/sandwich) __________ , somebody knocked on the door.

15. She (hate /learn) ____________________ late at night.

16. You (not/have) ____________ do the washing up. It wasn't your tum

17. Yesterday, he had a serious accident and (take) _________ hospital.

18. (you /hear) _________ about our latest project?

19. I am looking forward (hear) _________ you soon.

20. An hour ago, they were (sit) _________ bench and doing absolutely nothing.

21. If it_________ (not/rain) we will go to the park.

22. They went to school (foot) _________ .

23. I (see) _________ my dentist tomorrow.

24. (bike/John) _________ is green. Mine is red

25. I (good) _________ swimming. I have won two gold medals


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