Vocabulary building 2

1. Take your coat in it rains. The sky is cloudy today and you may easily get wet through.

2. What made him angry wasn’t losing the game, but the laughter of the man who’d beaten him. He felt the objectof ridicule.

3. Reading this book, we can with the main character’s struggle. We feel sympathy for the hero and would like to give support to him.

4. If you want to have a rest you may lie on the sofa and to make yourself comfortable put a under your head.

5. If you always do something regularly and carefully and have orderly habits that means you are .

6. He was always suspected of committing a crime. That is why the police him to make inquiries.

7. John has changed a lot. He no longer wears a beard or . His clean-shaven face has made him look much younger.

8. The police usually the prisoner’s statements by questioning several witnesses. They must make sure that what he says is correct or true.

9. The police asked him to exactly what had happened just before the accident. They wanted to be given a clear picture of the circumstances.

10. It’s no use being . To act suddenly without thinking about the results doesn’t pay.


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