1. The gunshot caused the flock of the birds to separate wildly. They all at the sound of the gun.

2. Some of the greatest of William Turner , the famous English painter, are to be seen at the National Gallery in London.

3. The old man had lived in the village all his life, and he is a of information about its history.

4. Susan doesn’t know what is going on. She is in a . She wonders how to get out of it and what to do next.

5. The young actress is very about her success; she says it’s as much the result of good luck as of her own abilities.

6. Professor Smith can’t be here today, so I’m going to represent him today and speak on his .

7. This morning Tom cut his finger with a knife very badly. Fortunately I was in, his wound for him and it stopped bleeding.

8. Mrs Brown is too careful with her children, never letting them out of her . They must always be present in her view.

9. John is a nice .He will always help his friends.

10. Stage fright usually has a bad on actors. At times it may even spoil the performance.


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