Vocabulary building 6

1. When the sun   behind the hills, all the scouts gathered around an open fire and sang songs This is what they usually do after the sunset.

2. Tom is a good husband to Susan. He tries to all her needs, satisfy them before she mentiones them.

3. The government has taken a decision to house building to meet the increasing demand.However, in the view of prevailing crisis and a shortage of materials to speed it up seems to be practically impossible.

4. I pity that old woman who still for her daugther, 20 years after her death. It is usual for people to grieve for the death or loss of a close relative for so long?

5. The news that her husband was dead filled her with . This kind of news always causes the feeling of fear and hopelessness.

6. That music is too old- fashioned to  to people any longer. It used to move the feelings of the pre- war generation.

7. The heavy death toll at the Sheffield stadium was caused by a panic that seized the specators. The police lost control of the crowd pressing forward and consequently lotts of people were trampled, just under the feet of others.

8. I’d rather you didin’t repair your bicycle in this room. You may - your hands with grease and stain the carpet. You’d better take it outdoors.

9. Tom has remained faithful to his family traditions. He to all the customs his parents inculcated in him.

10. The teachers do not regard Susan as a diligent student. She often comes to school unprepared and what is more often plays  .Her attendance at classes leaves much to be desired.


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