Vocabulary building 7

1. As the police dogs were on his track, the criminal decided to them by swimming across the river and hiding. But the animals were misled only for a moment. Soon they smelled his scent brought by the wind and started barking furiosly and this led the police know the criminal was on the other bank.

2. You must go on a diet and do exercise to improve . Otherwise you will never lose your weight and won’t look attractive to men. They usually loke slim ladies.

3. Susan often makes remarks about others. She is the sort of person who talks about other people with the intention to hurt them.

4. An international trade is held in Poznań once a year. Then lots of producers from all over the world show their latest products to traders.

5. He fell a victim to her , her beauty , soft and velvety voice, girlish smile , and her attractive ways which always fascinated him.

6. Tobaco was into our continent from America. Columbus was the first to bring this drug to Europe.

7. The suspension bridge is usually supported by heavy iron or steel ropes hanging from two towers.

8. Smoking adversely people’s health. It may result in many serious illnesses such as cancer or hearth disease.

9. The of air around the earth keeps the harmful rays of the sun from getting through and prevents our planet from getting colder.

10. This hotel has cold and hor water in every room. And this is not the only facility they can offer.


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