1. If a play is performed in a fee acts there are usually between them so as to give both the audience and the actors some breathing space.

2. Unfortunatelly the climvers failed in their to reach the summit. The bad weather conditions completely upset their original calculations and although they were very near to the peak they had no options but to withdraw.

3. After a hard day’s work I usually feel tired and find it difficult to relax. When completely exhauseted the only thing I’m able to do is to go to bed.

4. Put you tie . It is not straight.

5. They had a accident. One personw as kilked and a few others suffered severe injuries and had to be taken to hospital.

6. When the enemy forces corssed the boarders of the town all the inhabitants ran from them in . They were struck with the fear that they might be killed.

7. Standard time in Poland is two hours of Greenwich Mean Time.

8. Although my grandfather possess much knowledge gained from school he has got lots of common . The experience he acquired from life helps him find a solutions to almost all the problems he has to cope with.

9. People who are concerned with their own advantage and welfare, and don’t care for others are .

10. My brother holds oplitical opinions. He doesn’t want to keep conditions just as they are, but nor does he wish for violent changes. He never goes to extremes.


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